The paintings in the WATER-LAND series are inspired by the delicate balance within the ecosystem and the essential role water plays in our lives.

Constant yet ever-changing, water represents both a source and a symbol of renewal for me. The colors I use are drawn from nature, and through the subtle interplay of layers, I strive to capture the beauty, fragments, rhythm, and power of water, always in connection with the land.



A different perspective

By focusing on architectural elements, straight lines, repetitive patterns and light, Chris and Martin emphasize the geometric aspects of the urban environment in which people are always in motion. The love for the play of light in the city (the first rays of the sun and the golden evening light) connects the artists. Their work allows the viewer to view the city from a different perspective and focus on the aesthetic aspects of the urban landscape. In this series, they are exploring views of the Sunset District in San Francisco.

Challenges for the viewer and for the artist

The viewer is challenged to reflect on her/his own position in the city and how they relate to the environment around them. The artists are also challenged to reflect on their use of camera and brush in the representation of the city. What limitations and freedoms do those techniques have? “The image of a Crossroads, symbolizes the choices we have to make in life and the different paths we can follow.” By inspiring the viewer to think more deeply about urban space and their position within it, Chris and Martin hope they can inspire people to make their own choices and find their own way in urban life.


Inspired by the beautiful canal houses, this series shows the most iconic part of Amsterdam – the Canal Belt. The recognizable facades of the canal houses are transformed through the distinctive visual language and the subtle colors Maja Anna Chris is using to paint them.


This series is inspired by Amsterdam’s charming facades. The beautiful gables of the canal houses come in a variety of styles and Maja always finds them very interesting and inspiring. She loves to focus on these details and create impressions of Amsterdam from a different angle.

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