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Visual Artist, Art Curator, and Art Historian

Maja holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, as well as in Conservation and Restoration, a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (2009), and a PhD in Art History (2018). She lives and works in Amsterdam, one of the cities that inspire her the most.

Her professional background includes experience in the field of higher education, teaching and research, parallel with working on her own art, exhibiting paintings and prints internationally, and organizing and curating various art projects and exhibitions.

The city is a constant reoccurring subject in her artistic research. The cityscapes she creates are not an exact replica of reality, but a reflection of it, transformed by the artist’s sensibility, color palette, vision, and emotions. Through her identification with the urban space and time, Maja creates impressions of the infinite discoveries offered by the city. Her artworks show the beautiful side of the visual, creating new and positive representations of life.

Maja paints with acrylics and oils on canvas, birch panels, and paper, but she also uses colored pencils, graphite, and pastels. Her creative process involves drawing, monotype, and addition and subtraction of layered paint. The colors she uses are inspired by nature. As a printmaker, she creates multicolored linocuts, monotypes, and artist’s books.

Maja is a Board member of Grafein Foundation in The Netherlands and works as an art curator and art projects creator and organizer on numerous exhibitions and art-related projects. She co-organized the national graphic art and printmaking triennial Grafiek2022 that took place in the autumn of 2022 in The Netherlands.

As a museum educator, she shares her deep multidisciplinary knowledge of the creative process and art techniques and materials with intellectually curious learners.

She had eight solo exhibitions, participated in more than fifty international group exhibitions and has won three awards. Maja’s artworks are part of many public and private collections worldwide.

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